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Music is one of the many ways we joyfully express our faith and give glory to God. Making music together is inspirational and strengthens our shared sense of community. Here at FPCS, you do not need to be an experienced musician to participate in our ensembles, nor do you need to audition. Our choirs are welcoming and affirming to folks of all levels of ability. Choir participation is a great opportunity to share the gift of music and enjoy fellowship with other members. To learn more about choir participation, email the Director of Music, Ben D’Annibale, at bdannibale@flourtownpres.org.

Choral Choir

If you enjoy singing – whether it be hymns in worship, your favorite songs on the radio, or beloved show tunes in the shower, you are encouraged to come sing with us! The choir at FPCS is a welcoming ensemble for various levels of musicianship which performs anthems during the Sunday service 2-3 times per month. The choir also presents two seasonal cantatas, for Advent and Lent. Weekly rehearsals are on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00 pm, September through June.

Bell Choir

For those who feel they can’t sing, the FPCS Bell Choir is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a musical ensemble. If you can count and keep a beat, you have enough experience to join our merry group of ringers! The Bell Choir rehearses Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:20 pm and performs in worship several times throughout the year.

Soloists and Instrumentalists

If you have a more extensive musical background, you are welcome and encouraged to share your gifts with the congregation. Email your interest to Music Director Ben D’Annibale at bdannibale@flourtownpres.org.